Introducing WorkCafe

As most of my friends I work remotely. Sometimes from home, from a co-working space or from a coffee shop/café.

Your productivity when working from home or a coworking space might be different compared to a coffee shop. This is due to the fact that usually most of these venues do not consider their customers as potential workspace tenants.

For some time I was thinking about putting together a webpage with my favorite places to hack/work from, with an opportunity to let the community help curate venues in cities I’ve never traveled or plan to visit.

This weekend I spent some time building inspired by Ben Balter’s list of DC places that serve up both Internet and Alcohol.

WorkCafe is an Ember.js application hosted on GitHub and uses GeoJSON (Ember.js Data Serializer was tweaked to handle GeoJSON format) to handle the locations.

Adding a new city or a venue is as simple as making a pull request with relevant changes to the GeoJSON files. The GeoJSON properties can include an extended list of amenities and other details. To name a few:

Currently there’s just one city, but pull requests are always welcome. If you have a place to suggest, or you are looking for more extended information about the venues, feel free to suggest it.

WorkCafe on GitHub.

Discuss on Hacker News.


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